Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Victoria’s First School 🥇 Award

 Huge day in the Pride Dept today as our First Grader was recognized in school today with a surprise award by the school principal and 1st Grade teacher Ms Luster. 

We’re so proud of you Victoria! We got a special link to Zoom in to the webcast of the awards show. You had no clue you were going to be recognized and loved seeing your face! 

Your award for a certificate of merit for your dedication in class throughout your first grade. It was only given to one student, and that was you! 

Yea we were those crazy parents rooting you on as they called you up...and yes, we were OFF mute. Even Valentina was proudly clapping for you. It was a special moment. I had to miss a couple key meetings at work but it was all worth it! How often is it that we get to share such special moments like this! 

May this be the first of many more to come mija! I love you! 

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