Sunday, March 7, 2021

Uncle Javi Goes to Heaven

 Tough day as your Mom’s oldest brother went to heaven this morning at 11:39am. 

So may people have died of COVID-19 and our family wasn’t spared. 

He had a long road of recovery which gave us light at the end but things quickly deteriorated. He was saved by ECMO and was able to breathe on his own but kidneys weren’t working. He was on the mend but things got worse when your mom got a call from your cousin Jesse at 3am today. 

Your mom was able to say her goodbyes to your tio over FaceTime . 

Victoria, you’re too young bow to understand these things at six years old. Mom told you before going to bed but you experessed indifference. Don’t know if it was your way to pretext yourself from the pain or what. But we’ve noticed you don’t handle loss well. Geez, who does right. 

Long days ahead as we brace for another right of passage. 

Having buried your grandma just five months ago in October, this is just another sad and tragic life bump. 

Love you girls! 

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