Saturday, January 9, 2021

Valentina Turns One!

 And just like that, you turned ONE! 

You have no idea the pride and joy you’ve brought to our lives. It truly has been a blessing and privilege being your Dad. While it has been the craziest and toughest year of our lifetime with this pandemic, I’m thankful for having been able to spend every single night of your life so far by your side in your first year of life. 

There are so many experiences ahead in your life and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

When I see how your sister plays with you and carries you around, my heart smiles. She absolutely adores you and protects you like no other. 

Today we started your first birthday visiting your Abuelita Josefina in Covina for what God-willing will be a new chapter. You danced for her and connected in ways only my heart can feel. 

Given the pandemic your celebration was an intimate gathering with the Cappellis and your smash cake which you didn’t really get into. You hated the texture of cake in your hands.

But you know what? We had a blast. Especially eating Chinese from Tans. Yummy! 

You’re development is astounding. You have eight teeth and weigh 25lbs. You start making your noise crinkle when laughing and still love saying tatatatatatata. And also laugh out loud. Five days ago you started standing on your own. Wow! 

I pray to God that he give me the wisdom and strengthen to raise you into a strong young woman. 

There is so much love that surrounds you that I hope you’re able to feel it. 

I’ll be by your side until my last breath. I love you mi corazón!  ❤️🌙❤️

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