Sunday, June 21, 2020

LETTERS TO MY GIRLS KICKS...Luna’s First Father’s Day

Action packed day girls....

With this edition, I return to using this forum as the space to write letters to my daughters. Fitting as it’s Victoria’s 6th Father’s Day and Valentina’s first.

I hope to chronicle my observations on your respective lives through my lens.

You two girls have been the best thing that ever happened in my life and hope that one day you can look back and relive things that perhaps your memories will have long forgotten but will live with me forever.

Today your Mom kicked the day off with V getting rose petals from the years and made a path for me to the kitchen. A delicious breakfast with my favorites awaited once I woke up. With lotsa mustard of course. I loveeeee mustard.

As usual Luna, you’re still not letting Mom sleep. You wake up several times a night and your poor Mom walks around like a zombie. We’re counting the days for your teeth to come out and you can settle into a more normal routine. For now, you drool gallons of spit and don’t like me holding you for long periods of time. I do shower I swear.

We kicked off the day building a cool tent your uncle Jerry and Christina gave you along with playing hide and seek. V, you loveeeee that game. And you cheat too!

My wish for the day was to spend the day visiting your two Grandpa’s in their respective cemeteries. A day of reflection, laughter, and yes even tears.

We tried having the “you’ll one day visit us too like this” and you Victoria wanted nothing to do with that conversation. When I proved, you said it makes you sad to think that and refused to talk about it. While I would have loved to continue I respected your position and gave me such a nostalgic feeling that you’re now grown enough to embrace and know such feelings.

In my usual corny self I got us all shirts to message the first quarantined Father’s Day ever. The day ended with a beautiful gift from Sawyer. You know, that kid that goes to kinder with you V? So cool hanging out with him and his crew.

For now, I have to prep for another crazy week at work. It has been trying these last three months working from home in this crazy COVID-19 pandemic.

Between that and the political climate, it’s tense and hope were able to leave a better world for both of you.

For now, I enjoyed both of your antics today. And thank our creator for the blessed gift of both of you making me a Dad. A role I take seriously. It will be the toughest job I will ever have. But I know it will be my most rewarding.

I feel complete with you two in my life. And I promise you Teo that everything I do will be to give you the tools to be woman that are compassionate, strong, determined, and loving.

Wish me luck, I’m far from perfect, but I’m giving it my best shot along with your mom to make you proud.