Tuesday, May 12, 2020


So the number dead is quite arbitrary since it assumes very one is being tested or had been tested since the virus was uncovered.

Fact is we started late and it has been a clunky process. So, it’s clear that these numbers are actually quite conservative in my opinion.

It’s still mind blowing that in 4 months, 82K + people have died. I sadly know we will for sure hit 100K by the start of this summer.

LA County actually announced today that they will continue shelter are home orders through July. That’s three more months. Oh boy.

What I do know will happen is the increase in cases. People are just very apathetic to the whole thing now and frustrated.

Speaking of, today was not a good day. Pure hell in so many ways. Especially deadlines and expense reports that had to be re entered. Torture yes.

If I could drink and hang 24/7 I would.