Friday, March 6, 2020

Epic Last Day of Paternity Leave

They say a picture says a thousand words. Today marks my last day on paternity leave and this photo captures my new life which started on the New Year’s first full moon.

One moment telling the story of the first three months of this new decade in 2020.

Being a Dad changes your life filters as well as your epicenter. It’s not far. It’s challenging, trying, testing, and oh so rewarding and reinvigorating all wrapped in one.

I spent this last day at V’s school. Having lunch with her (surprised her with a Happy Meal of course) reading together, and even coaching her P.E. class followed by hitting the batting cages and taking my girls to a nice sushi dinner.

They say happiness is when you achieve those goals you’ve worked so hard at creating the life you want.

I’m living my best life now without regrets and that gives you incredible discipline to be discriminate and focused on what truly matters.

Kobe would be proud.

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