Thursday, March 5, 2020

End Of Life Cycle

Emotional day as we took our first baby to the dog park today. Siete absolutely loves dog parks. It’s his favorite thing in the whole world.

His 13 year old body is giving out and he will soon cross the rainbow bridge. He is still eating and taking treats so he is still hanging in there. But we know the first signs of his light going out we will do right by him and let him go comfortably. We don’t want him to be in pain or uncomfortable. He now has trouble with his balance and staying upright for long. His signature lifting of his little leg is also not there anymore.

We love that little Maltese. He has been with us for our entire relationship. He has been such an awesome part of our life that it saddens me that Valentina won’t enjoy his love.

The other sad news tonight is the passing of my childhood priest. Father Lorenzo passed away also from old age. He was an institution in my grammar school. May he Rest In Peace.

Such is the circle of life...