Friday, February 21, 2020

Star of the Week

After a rough week with baby, Victoria got Star of the Week at Kinder.

She was so excited to be wearing a star all week. She got to do a huge poster with her highlights. It was very special to see the care and pride she had dedicated to it.

She also had a play date today with her preK friend Jundi. So a happy girl she was. I nailed a corny LOL coloring book I bought her as she spent the evening voraciously coloring it.

I hung out with Valentina for like 4 hours straight holding her. So we binged on Netflix’ Gentefied. It’s filmed in my beloved Boyle Heights and my friend Omar is also in the show. Pretty cool! He was actually one of the guys that was at my in-laws that February 18th when dad went to ask Alicia’s hand in marriage.

It’s gonna rain tomorrow so not looking forward to it. I’m sleepy, so sleepy....