Friday, February 14, 2020

A very Valentina Valentine’s!

So it was my little ladies first Valentines Day.

Special day as we typically never celebrate it. However, this year some special friends decided we should, so we did. There’s much to celebrate afterall. New baby, we have good health, and we’ve been surrounded by an amazing village. And tonight was a manifestation of that.

Julie and Julia have some mad kitchen skills. Whether it was the filets or the lobsters, they don’t compare to the quality bod the special friendship.

I’ve grown up a lot with the hard knocks life has thrown my way. One thing I have learned, even though it took me a long time to get, is to allow myself to slow down and be here bow. To take in what is in the present moments. The smelling of roses per say. Today was one of those perfect days. It wasn’t about dorky roses or tacky chocolates. It was about communion amongst friends. We share many things in common, but the one that ties us closer is our mutual commitment to raising little humans. And best yet, those critters actually get along and like each other. For chunks of time at least, but they do.

Yes the years are short and the days are long. But my realization is that I’m content at this stage in life. The best is not to come. You see, I used to think that indeed the best was yet to come. No more. With that, one doesn’t fully take in the now. Which is why I’m living my best life,  now.

Happy Valentines!