Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl 54

Vic and Gaby and their family dropped by today to visit. Had a great get together.

V was treated to a matching Janie and Jack matching outfit with her little sister. Very cool.

Toasted to friendship and to strengthened ties.

Congrats Kansas City Chiefs on beating the SFO 49rs!

2/1/20: Winter Baby

Our winter baby is not liking the heat.

Today was almost 90 degrees outside. So off we went to an unbirthday party with Evie. One of Victoria’s besties.

The little lady Baby Luna was not having it. She was fussy all day and only quieres down when Evie’s Gma would hold her like a total Baby Whisperer!

Wife had headache all day carried over from yesterday and those are never fun for anyone. Run!

That was a tease as the weather will plummet back to the 60s tomorrow. Ugh.

Oh and I’m very very very sleepy!