Sunday, January 12, 2020

Valentina Goes Home!

Finally going home day today!

We were discharged at 11am today after another sleepless night. Well wife let me sleep and didn’t wake me. But her night was pure hell. Turns out Valentina has boobitis and that is all she wants to do.

So when we got home we broke down against our better judgement and we got her a pacifier. Whatever it takes!

Leaving hospital was bittersweet but we were ready to be home.

We picked up V from her friends house and brought my three girls home for the first time.

Our compadres came later and brought us yummy dinner and my brother and his wife came to visit their new niece.

We multitasked as we toasted to the new addition and assembled her bedside crib for Mommy to keep a close eye on Valentina when she’s not in her crib in her room.

At the moment I’m boiling pacifiers and falling asleep.

1/11/20: Sleepless Nights

Saturday, January 11, 2020

...And so sleepless nights begin.

So tired and exhausted that you feel like a walking zombie. It was a rough day. Baby lost 9% of her weight in 24 hours so that put another plan in place. Hoag is such an amazing hospital.

They assigned a lactation team to Mommy immediately and they have been on it.
We met with Megan last night and Karen today.

Karen is the Bobby Milk Whisperer.

Turns out Valentina is more of a biter than a sucker so she wasn’t extracting the needed colostrum (pre milk highly concentrated in nutrients) to feed right. And was causing extreme pain on Mommy with her biome biting ways.

We’re not there yet but we’ll be route to having Valentina understand manners. Mommy has 15 staples from the c-section and has been walking since the 12th hour of birth with difficulty. Pain is pain but she is taking it in stride.

To distract from the madness, we’ve had a steady stream of visitors. So thank you!

The best part of this is that Mom brought Alicia’s favorite shrimp tacos from the Mariscos Jalisco food truck in Boyle Heights and my campechana. For dessert, Alicia’s favorite sopes from King Taco too.

Xavi and Silvia showed up with a Don Patron 70 añejo to get the party started. Even Father Jim showed up to five Valentina a blessing and a prayer.

I reflect on how lucky we are being surrounded by love.

The beginnings of parenthood with a newborn are no joke. Especially on Mommy. But the love we are surrounded by makes it that so much easier.

Bracing for another insane night as the doctor’s warn that night three is worse.