Friday, December 25, 2020

Covid Christmas

 One for the books girls. 

Never have we ever lived this kind of crazy life. A world in total chaos because of the pandemic and the worse has come out in people. Both in politics and in keeping each other safe. 

We’ve managed to survive this year so far but it has been tough. Add in the adjustment to Valentina joining our tribe, well, that has been next level. 

But here we are. My poor Mom came to deliver you girls your Xmas presents curbside without being able to kiss or touch you. 

We’ve made the best of it. Ended  the night with a Christmas movie Jingle All the Way. Which made Victoria cry throughout given the beat down Arnold gave Santa and other funny scenes that made her breakdown sobbing. Then there was the incident mid-movie where V dropped Valentina headfirst and landed on her neck. Not  funny and a total scary moment. Ahhhh the joys of parenthood. The movie ended and V concluded she loved the movie. But it was a total nightmare in the process. 

Hoping next year is back to normal! Merry Christmas! ❤️❤️❤️ 

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