Friday, October 9, 2020

Your Mom’s Bday & Dying Convo

 Quiet day today girls. It was your moms bday and chilled at home. 

Valentina you turned up with a fever last night after we got home from your grandma Mari’s funeral. You’re still fighting it tonight. 

Victoria you woke up singing happy Bday to your Mom which made her day. Then you had me go downstairs so we could wrap a KitKat around a coral rose and gift to her. She was happy. 

You went to school After being given option to stay home as yesterday was emotionally draining for you. 

We picked you and Sawyer up and went to mommy’s Bday brunch celebration at Snooze. There you are like you hadn’t in years. 

All the food was incredible. We came home to clean the entire house being upside down in preparations for the funeral. 

As I was tucking Victoria into bed. You asked me a very powerful requested. You said daddy please don’t get old. I asked why. You were quiet and almost ready eyes. I insisted why you were saying that nicely and patiently. You then finally said because I don’t want you to D D D. I said what do you mean - which I knew what you were thinking. You couldn’t come to terms with saying the word. I said you mea  die? And you said nodded your head. 

We had a great convo as I know you’ve connected the dots with the process of losing those you love. 

We’ll continue the convo honey. But I’ll be by your side until the day Diosito calls me too. 

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