Thursday, October 8, 2020

Grandma Mari’s Burial

 End of an era girls. 

After a whole month of waiting, we finally were able to have a funeral for your Wita Mari. 

I know Victoria will remember today. Valentina, you turn 9 months tomorrow. So well have photos to show you the memories and impact your abuelita had on us all. 

This was my post today on Facebook: Today we said goodbye to my wife’s mother. It has truly been a rough last four weeks for the family. 

Thank you on behalf of the family for those that joined us in celebrating her life today. 

It was Victoria’s turn to experience this right of passage and to begin to connect that loving someone brings joy but also a lot of pain. We tried our best to walk her through the day’s events. What hit her were the songs played. She told me she didn’t like my songs. When I probed, it was because they made her cry. She had several such moments throughout the day. 

My little lady is growing up and learning about the essence of life...and death. It’s still very painful for her to articulate how that makes her feel. But we’ll keep fostering how important it is to share how one feels - both in our ups and downs. 

My girls just lost a great influence in their lives today. May we carry her wisdom forward. 

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