Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Vale Turns 8 Months

 As our littlest V you turned eight months amidst the craziness happening all around you. 

It really has been a haze all week dealing with the loss of your Grandma and all the planning that has to goes into a funeral. 

And with this pandemic, it has made things that more challenging for your mom. Dates seem to drag further and further and rules and more rules on social distances are making it difficult to plan a proper send off. 

At already 8 months, you’re a speedy crawler and nothing can stop you. You’ve already banged your head on the walls and corners on walls numerous times. But you keep motoring forward. Getting your routine down of naps. For now, you’re usually down by 9pm. Wake at 1am, then if lucky at 5am. Then you nap at 8am, 12n, 4pm and knock out around 8 or 9pm. 

You also love to eat. Your favorite food is everything. But currently obsessed with nectarines. Your sister Victoria Ives lofting you up as you rush to eat and slobber her face. She also loves to carry and run with you around the kitchen counter. I’ve been dreading a fall. Well, it happened tonight while mom was on fb with your Grandma’s online video novenario rosary. 

It’s a treat seeing you two rascals grow up. 

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