Sunday, July 26, 2020

V’s tooth fairy last night

So your 3rd tooth came off yesterday. It was actually also your first upper front left tooth if I’m looking at your beautiful face. 

You have been fussy for the last two weeks on how it was loose and almost coming off. 
The irony is that as your tooth was coming off, your sister Valentina is now showing growth of her two front lower teeth. I know because it now hurts when she bites me. Those little teeth are coming out little by little but this weekend is when I actually felt their jagged edges. 

Interestingly you’ve been extra needy, maybe because the tooth fairy was too cheap and only left you $5 overnight or you’re still feeling left out with all the attention Luna is getting. But you aborted a sleepover with Ella tonight that you were so much looking forward to. 

As for dad, well I perfected the skill of derusting a cast iron skillet and a carbon steel wok. I know, Dad lives on the edge. But if you knew how hard it is to keep rust off, you’d appreciate my newfound skill in even seasoning these things to keep that pesky rust out! 

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