Saturday, July 4, 2020

Valentina’s First 4th of July

Well girlfriend, you spent the day staring at your big sister as you usually do. And of course grunting whenever in my arms desperately searching the room for Mom.

But we did manage to put on your patriotic gear and snap some pics after some delicious burgers. What’s a Fourth with burgers right?

You stuck to some bites of avocado 🥑 but you didn’t really enjoy it today. So we’re going to move to bananas or sweet potatoes 🍠!

Since we’re back to staying away and in lockdown. My bbq plans were squashed. Mom did deliver some delicious Menudo in the morning and that was just perfect!

V was happy as she was able to FT E&S and wanted to be on their adventure to Zion too. But it’s way way too hot for such shenanigans for now. Maybe when it’s cooler.

Just Mercy was the flick today. Great true story about a black law school attorney from Harvard who helps others. Powerful and inspirational.

Ok Valentina, I hope you start sleeping longer hours. Right now you’re waking at 1am and I sit downstairs waiting and looking over your sleep so your mom can recharge for the long nights ahead. Chill girlfriend, you’re in a marathon not a sprint.

And guess what? It was a year ago today that we announced your coming into this world! And look at you now, in 5 days you won’t be 5 months anymore, you’ll turn 6 months! ❤️💥🇺🇸💥❤️

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