Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Valentina Goes 🍌 Bananas!

Well lady, today you had your 3rd new food of your life. Plátanos!

You were not impressed after avocados and sweet potatoes. You’re favorite is still the avocado.

But come on now, your poop is now no longer newborn cute. Ok tmi. Sorry.

Your big day coincided with the disastrous (my opinion) visit of Mexico to the White House. His first trip since taking office two years ago.

He thanked Trump for being so respectful to Mexicans. Like what? Is he living under a rock to all the stuff he has said about Mexicans? Yeah politics is a hot mess. I hope when you’re older this will be nothing but a bad dream.

Victoria, you had an outstanding day too! Your swimming lessons for the 20th time this time around are actually paying off. You floated and actually swam across the pool! So proud of you!!!!

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