Thursday, July 2, 2020

Valentina Eats Real Food!!!

Well baby girl. Another milestone for your development today!

Victoria gave you your first bite of real food. And it was no other than avocado! Of course one of your mom and dads favorite!!!!

You didn’t think twice when Victoria places the spoon in your mouth: in fact, you wanted more and more. You kinda made a funky “what is this” face but quickly for over it and loved it!

You also took a super long nap with me in the evening and you made the night pure hell for mom. You had no idea Teresa in going to bed since you were rested, fed, and ready to party!

Congrats Mija! But not so much for me as I believe your diapers are really going to stink now that you’re going to start eating real food and not just mom’s milk as you have till now. Lord.

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