Thursday, July 9, 2020

Our Little Luna Is 6 Months!

Well Valentina, you’re six months today.

I get anxiety just to think how time has gone by since I was in the room welcoming you to the world. It’s been a bumpy road for you having gone straight into this pandemic. Insane.

You’re growing so fast that I need to slow my roll and take you in!

This was my post today as I fed you sweet potatoes.

Half Birthday! This little love bug is six months old today. Valentina is now eating squishy yucky food, feeding herself, sitting up, giving you her arms to pick her up, rolling over and over, recognizes her name, reacts to stranger danger, wants to grab everything, prefers to cry especially at 1, 2 and 4 and 5am, gives hypnotic smiles and endearing giggles on her terms of course. She finds big sister the funniest and dad the most annoying always immediately looking around for her center of gravity to save her, mommy of course. #vlglove #vfirsts #6monthsold #camote #girldad

You have a gash on your lower eye lid because you decided it would be fun to scrape rea hard the Velcro strap from your bib on your cheek. So off I went to Mothers Market to get you some funky ointment.

In the evening as we put you to sleep, we saw the new Walter Mercado documentary. It took me to my childhood growing up as I would listen intently to his Leo reading.

And V, wow! We’ve been on a high with you because your new swimming classes are really working and paying off!

You’ll be teaching me in no time!

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