Thursday, July 23, 2020

Luna’s Crawl, Sit Up, Tooth, and Bath

Valentina, you’ve had so many milestones back to back.

From the PV sit up first to your front lower teeth being felt coming through to your first bath with your sister today.

All pretty special.

What wasn’t special was Victoria’s tantrum yesterday. You refused to go visit your Grandma to pick up dogs with me. Not cool. It’s not often we get to visit and for you to decide to stay hone and play Roblox instead was hurtful. I hope this is not a pattern moving forward. It’s very important for you to live the world around you and spend time with those that love you.

Felt pretty sad about that in last 24 hrs. Was tempted to lie to your Grandma about not going with me since Valentina did go. But I decided to be honest and of course that made her pretty sad too.


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