Thursday, June 4, 2020

Victoria’s 6th Bday Kickoff

So one of the trademarks of our V is that she has always LOVED her birthday. She looks forward to it every year and plans for it all year long.

This is year is no different!

She started the day waking me up extra early because “it was urgent, it was an emergency Daddy!” Well the emergency was that I had to go to the garage (a yoman’s task in itself) and being her the Hello Kitty luggage. Yep. She had been invited to a Bday Sleepover with Ella and Sawyer. She had to start packing. And so she recruited me to help her fold her clothes.

She was later surprised with her friend Evie bringing her Bday goodies.

Her evening started with being picked up by a birthday parade and surprised with a special dinner.

How cool is that!

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