Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Victoria, Your Second iPad

Well lady! We struggle with technology and a balance outside of it. This pandemic has deemed this tool a necessity though.

Which is why we were all sad when your iPad suddenly died on you one morning while playing Roblox, your current favorite online obsession.

Because of the pandemic it took me practically a month to get an appt at the Apple store. Today was the day and to my misfortune, it’s dead. Apparently the circuit is shorted and there is no return.

When I wanted to buy you a new one I couldn’t. All out of stock. Ended up buying you one online at at Costco, the only store that had it.

In two days you’ll be the owner of the brand new IPad Pro 11! I think a reason the old one died was because of your obsession with charging it at all times. Well need to be more careful as these are not cheap! So happy birthday and graduation and Merry Christmas!!!

Luna was out of her schedule as she didn’t sleep till 11pm. Must be a growth spurt or fault of the massive blowout of the morning!

Oh yeah, and CA on Monday reported single largest increase of Covid cases at 6K! Insane.

My uncle Hijinio from Wichita also died today around 2pm. He had a fall Thursday and was in a coma. His family decided to turn off life support and not let him suffer any longer. Godspeed to him.

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