Monday, June 22, 2020

Victoria Stepping it Up

I don’t know when I woke up and you were speaking big words and very articulate sentences, but you are.

It really amazes me how you’ve grasped so many concepts and are able to intelligently talk about them.

I need to remember examples of how you leave me taken back. I’ll tell you, Victoria, you just turned six! Where did you learn that? And I get is a smile.

Still enjoying your goodnight rituals with me and your sign of the cross. Hope that never gets lost on you.

I just love how more and more you’re stepping up to help with your sister. During a webcast this am you took her from me and to your bed to chill while my call was finished. That warmed my heart.

As for Valentina, well I continue to struggle with your patience with me. Today I turned you into your belly and massaged your back. That kept you calm for the longest record with me. I think 20 minutes. Then you were done and called out for your mother.

All good. Both of you enjoyed some quality spa time with the Cappellis and we killed it with making several TikTok videos. meatballs was by far my favorite!

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