Friday, June 26, 2020

iPad Bliss

Well Victoria, today you were the happiest you have been since your Bday.

I gave you your new iPad Pro 11. Against my better judgment in advise to get you the air or the other cheaper versions, I gave you the best. Why? Your love for YouTube videos and TikTok merited the mega amazing camera lenses that come only with the pro.

The purple case was a bit of a disappointment as you wanted it in pink. Your favorite color. You joyfully reaquainted yourself with that fine piece of technology.

You don’t know this now but I deactivated your sneaky ability to download apps without permission. But your love of Roblox continues and was quite happy playing with Diego tonight.

Your affection to Valentina continues to validate that you are going to be an amazing Big Sister. She loves interacting with you.

Luna is actually ready to eat people food. Today she acted like a bird and literally was shoving her mouth open with tongue out into my mouth as I chewed dinner.

Life of Dad. Never a dull moment and where I was meant to be.


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