Tuesday, June 2, 2020

8th Day of Protests & Crisis At Home

What does an earthquake, car chases, protests, riots, and looting have in common?


Every day is exhausting. And yes also surreal these days. Wall Street is going up yet unemployment is up to 41M people.

And for a first ever and sign of the times, did a property closing outside under a tree.

The big deal of the day is that we were finally able to go out to dinner. It all happened because of how the morning started. It was full of crying and lotsa drama.

Victoria’s iPad just blanked out and died with full power. After all the devastation decided to go to the Apple Store. The mall was a ghost town. Almost over 90% of stores were closed. And of course Apple is backlogged and has over a week wait for the Genius Bar. V is going to have a heart attack.

My spot is not till June 9th.

We left with our heads down. But Lucille’s BBQ lifted our spirits. I loveeeeee their food. So it happened to be Luna’s first dinner out!

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