Monday, June 15, 2020

116K Dead

Absolutely crazy times we are living. While the death toll of the pandemic has slowed down, it continues.

Had a fascinating conversation yesterday with someone who absolutely believes this virus is a hoax. No lie. I’m sure they also think the racial tensions this country is living are also made up. But I didn’t go there.

I was watching pics of Luna when she was born and can’t believe how much she has grown in only five months. She is all cheeks and creases all over. A little bundle of joy that is just the apple of my eye.

I just love how Victoria loves to hold her and runs to help her whenever she is crying. V also fell severa times today. She has gotta be the clumsiest kid around.

She had a blast today as it was girls spa day. Always enjoys play dates and was telling me how much her and Ella enjoyed playing and putting make up on. I was like what!?!?!?

Jesus take the wheel!


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