Sunday, May 31, 2020

US Continues to Burn

It’s just like being in a Twilight Zone episode.

The cities across America continue protests, riots, looting, and burning things down. Oh yeah. And I guess we still have a pandemic with COVID-19 still going strong.

It’s exhausting to see how people are reacting or behaving. It’s also very discouraging. Perfect timing on the two astronauts to have left earth. It’s not pretty.

But trying to give my tribe a sense of normalcy. Today V introduced me to the art of Til Tok dancing. She decided to put Elsa make up on and her various dresses and requested a photo shoot.

Luna is really digging all those tooth play toys she can chew on. She’s diligently working on her eye hand grabbing coordination. She now reaches clumsily to grab things. She now reaches to my beard and pulls it. Pretty amazing to see her development.

It was hot today and our only outing for to Costco. Luna’s first ever and first outing to Costco as a family. Everything we wanted was of course sold out. Lovely.

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