Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Dead in USA this far.

The madness is now about anti-mask wearing rallies. One is scheduled this weekend in downtown LA. The divisiveness continues. A white lady almost straggling a dog with her leash falsely calls 911 about being attacked by a black guy at Central Park because he told her she needed to have her dog on a leash. Luckily the man video taped the phony call for help.  A black gentleman was killed by a cop stepping on his neck despite complaining he wasn’t letting him breathe. Yeah, we live in a pretty screwed up world right now.

Things so crazy at work I totally forgot I had appt to take car in for the accident repairs. Still need to fight the insurance to pay for the car seats. Everything has to be a fight. Totally insanity.

V made chocolate chip cookies as she taught Luna how to make them. That was my day’s highlight.

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