Thursday, May 14, 2020

86,000 Dead

Sheep mentality at its best. A bar in Milwaukee opened and it was completely packed with total disregard to the new reality. We’re definitely in for a long rest of the year.

Busy day prepping for big mtg tomm. Presenting recovery strategy and plans to management. We’ve got a great team across the 5 states in the Southwest so proud of the team.

Spent lotsa time hanging with Valentina to try and give Mom a break. She is so alert. More and more she’s becoming a little person. She gave Mom hell last night waking every 1.5 hrs.

V continues her love of technology and creativity. Love that child. But she is quite clumsy. Bumps into everything, falls, is always bruised up. She’s. Tough girl. She also doesn’t know the idea of cleaning up after herself. So working on that despite her reluctancy. She says that’s boring.

Wife made an amazing meal of short ribs, roasted cauliflower, chicken tacos, and omg. Amazing grubbing.

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