Friday, April 17, 2020

Day #35: 706K USA Cases

All signs point to governments being more open to cautiously relax stay and home orders as well as allowing business to start opening.

It seems that the curve is flattening. All I think about is what I read above there being several waves of this pandemic and how history has shown that the second wave is worse than the first. If we start getting a little too confident before it’s time, the second wave will for sure come fast and furious.

This makes me worried as I have observed a total disregard for safety the few times I’ve been out and about. We just don’t learn.

I found out today that the father of one of our managers in Bakersfield died of COVID-19. In fact his whole family is currently infected. It’s pretty sad. More and more people I know have been impacted.

I’ve started Mind Hunter season 2. Just love how Agent Ford did his job. Can I start a second career?

Valentina was her usual self, a couple moments of zen but sheer terror the rest. Victoria continues her rebellion against school work and homework. Bribery at its best with cotton candy ice cream (her current favorite) and FaceTime on her iPad.

Enjoying some amazing chicharrones dipped in fresh salsas and guac. Pretty amazing. Takes me back to my childhood in Balleza. Sigh. That’s my happy place.

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