Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day #32: 26K Dead

Beautiful Tuesday. Sun was out and many were out and about enjoying the day.

I was holed up from webcast to webcast and putting up fires throughout.

Felt bad I couldn’t take my girls outside.

With Valentina’s outbursts throughout the day they manage to beat you down and drain you.

Death rate in LA apparently is doubling every six days and every day breaks records as being the deadliest. Kinda gloomy news.

Finished current season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Started Mind Hunter. Pretty fascinating.

Hung our with V watching some bad Lexi YouTube videos. My girl is interested in teen posts. She’s growing up. Love that she loves to come over and snuggle and watch stuff with her or have me see her play on Roblox. I drop everything I’m doing and give her my full attention every time she wants me engaged. I know because the day will come that such moments will slip through my hands. Taking them in and keeping them close.

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