Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day #20: 245K Cases, Almost 6K Dead in USA

Day 20 of the quarantine.

Baby Luna completely turned upside down today. A first. She’s starting to get mobile and really smile and interact. That brings such a big smile to our hearts.

The development of a child is so breathtaking.

Ventured out into the world today to refuel groceries. Came home to take a shower immediately. People are not listening. They’re not social distancing whatsoever. Took me hours in the store as I took my time avoiding people more than grabbing groceries. Unreal.

Also started the awesome deal of free breakfast today for all first responders till further notice. So many are risking their lives out there. This is a small thank you for their work and sacrifice.

Oh, and I FINALLY found toilet paper!!!  💪❤️💪

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