Sunday, April 26, 2020

Backyard Duty

This crazy heat requires tons of work in the backyard. So the Sunday room up that entire chore. My Carolina Cherry Trees have this crazy hole fungus that is driving me crazy. Gave them some treatment today to see if it works. 

Was able to get some mandarins from the tree and observed 10 new pomegranates! My avocado tree has hope this year but I’m sure it’ll dry up again. I’m terrible and gardening or keeping fruit trees alive. But I don’t give up. 

Some more spa time with little lady and this time we gazed at the stars for a while. Love our convos. Like me telling her that you really can’t take a plane to visit the stars she was pointing to. 

Yesterday, there was a total of 48,725 new cases in the US in ONE DAY. That was 10,000 more than the last highest, which was ten days earlier. Even with that sobering number and the fact that 54,000 people have died in a month and a half, people still aren't taking it seriously.

The beaches that opened were packed this weekend. The news covered all those being arrested. People don’t get it. 

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