Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Homeschooling During Pandemic

So V started homeschooling today with online live classes with her teacher.

It kinda feels surreal and straight out of a horror movie.

The cases continue to increase. A military hospital ship was deployed to start helping out. And start adjusting to the new normal.

We got word today that school may be official out for the entire school year. Work is equally insane. But trying to stay the safe place for communities across the world.

Stressful times where one tries to keep the calm and being the sunshine to our little ones who can’t really comprehend the magnitude of this global pandemic crisis!

In the USA 9K confirmed cases with 149 dead so far.

Dow closed below 20k for first time in 3 years.

190 cases in SoCal alone. 500 cases in CA. But testing has just begun.

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