Monday, March 9, 2020

2 Months Old & 2nd Tooth Fall

Big day in the Adobe. Baby Luna turned 2 months! Had her doc appt and was gonna get shots but we put them off for now.

Her current stats:

* 11.14 lbs
* 24 inches long
* 39 cm head circumference

She’s definitely at the top of the charts on all three. Meaning she’s very well fed and will likely be tall just like her sister.

She managed to scratch her face for the second time so her fingernails need some serious trimming.

While that was going on, V lost her second tooth today at school and was soooo happy about it. Her teacher apparently yanked it out for her. Now for that pesky tooth fairy to deliver more hard cold cash.

And to boot today was my first day back at work. Only to be topped with a massive storm to be here all week.

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