Sunday, February 16, 2020

Victoria’s Vocabulary Explosion

Can’t help but notice that V’s vocabulary is getting more and more sophisticated. Her expressions are also definitely surprising me.

En route to her theater class today, she was quite chatty and wanted to “tell me the whole long story on how Haudi asked her to be his girlfriend.”

Then at some point she said some story I now forgot about her Mom and ended with a “can you believe that, silly Mom!”

She has never spoken like this before. She is so articulate and using synonyms and big people words.

If I could only get her to have to same passion for Spanish. I’m entertaining looking for an after school program or weekend curriculum to hone that skill or lack thereof.

She is so aware of her surroundings and is quite opinionated. She asked the cashier at Costco if she could work there because she wanted money to pay for her current school fundraiser for Lymphoma Cancer. The lady so nicely allowed her to scan items from the cart.

My morning started like at 5am today with Baby Luna king what she loves best, cry. It was an extra difficult day in getting her to be settled down. She now is on to us and really dislikes being left in the crib or Mamaru. She prefers being held than being ignored, then again who doesn’t.

This stalling is keeping me from getting Laura all the files I promised from Jan 9th.

Have a pending project too with the feet and hands that has yet to materialize because of how fussy she is.

Need some 💤 y’all!

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