Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I’ve noticed a bit of a character difference in my first little lady. She clearly sees she’s no longer the only one getting all the attention like she was used to.

These last couple nights she has been claiming a tummy ache. Interestingly, it only happens at night when it’s bed ritual time. She always negotiates to sleep in our bed. Also interestingly, our bed holds powers like Vick’s and 7-Up as they magically cure her.

I think that’s just one way she is trying to say, look at me, what about me.

We’ve been trying hard to be inclusive with her and I do feel she has vested interest and knows she’s still important to us.

Little lady is up to her usual self. Sleeping during the day, eating, and throwing up. I have countless shirts that had to be washed because of her great aim and projectile abilities with her vomit. It’s still cute.

She bobbles about and just keeps taking the world around her in. In fact, she was cooperative with Yaz during the moon take and only threw up twice.

Took my girls to eat tacos at Amor y Tacos in Cerritos. V of course had to have her elote.

Valentina still is congested and the Frida is doing her job!

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