Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentina Turns One Month!

I’m confused. It’s been four weeks today she was born. But is her actual month Bday on February 9th?

Regardless, it’s been a whirlwind four weeks or sleepless nights and hunger games. Thankfully our village has taken great care of us. We are overwhelmed with the love.

Our Baby Luna is still getting the hang of things and tends to cry more than she is quiet. Still obviously sleeping a lot, just not at night.

She’s strong. She can lift her head up and her kicks are quite mighty.
She’s quite the hungry beast too as that seems to be all she wants to do in her waking hours. And oh yeah, throwing up on Dad too.

Love this little lady to pieces.

Yesterday she got her SSC and today we went to get her passport!

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