Monday, February 3, 2020

Uncle Visits From Texas

Very cool day as my girl’s uncle flew in for a day to meet our newborn.

He have considerable attention to the Big Sister first and allowed her to make the introduction. What a great idea and sensitivity towards her.

After helping a bit and becoming immediately overwhelmed at the constant crying and attention newborns demand, we gave him a break and took him to El Camino Real which was Kobe’s favorite dive restaurant in Orange County. After some tasty breakfast burritos he was ready to take on newborn duties once more.

But that didn’t last as we got called from school that the Big Sister has a urinary infection. Never a dull moment. First the weeklong fever, then the ear infection of last week, now this. So off to the doctor we went.

What a day.

We then treated uncle Kiki to some Hat Pastrami’s to ease his crazy visit.

All in all a crazy day but a special one. Uncle Kiki even took her and picked her up from school and bought her rainbow sherbet, her favorite ice cream!

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