Monday, February 10, 2020

Quality Bonding

There’s something to be said for the time off to be with wife and baby. It’s pure hell but oh so rewarding. Everyone talks about the lack of sleeP. That is true.

But there is so much more.

For example, today I literally spent 4 hours holding baby in my arms uninterrupted. From 11 to 3pm. Literally all Valentina did was stare into my face and just examine every detail and gesture I would make.

All while trying on one of those father kangaroo shirts I ordered from Amazon. You tuck baby into the shirt to do skin to skin and should also act as a holder of baby while you walk around.

Fail. Total scam. You have to hold baby or baby will fall to floor. Ugh. I should totally return the shirt.

Speaking of scams. Also participated in a viral post today about some gravity thing allowing brooms to stand up straight. Well mine did. Crazy!

Regardless of that fail, days like today make those sleepless nights worth it. Baby is a bit congested so wife has been running around with a nose Friday sucking her buggers out. Pretty gross!

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