Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Fat Pig

I may be a pig in the Chinese zodiac, but I seriously need to get on some sort of a diet.

While taking V to the doctor a couple days back I jumped on the scale and just about lost it.

No wonder I’m exploding out of my fat clothes. I clocked in at an exquisite 240 lbs!

I know, TMI, but I can’t remember the last time I was that fat. Holy Pozole!

I’ve contemplated Keto, or intermittent fasting but not ready to take that plunge just yet. Food is so good. I love food.

And with the madness of paternity leave and being home ripping my last nerve out while consoling Baby Luna for the 584th time of the day, well food fits right in.

So this ex Pregnant Husband is gonna be taking it easy once I return to work soon.

V was giddy today as she was invited to the nail salon this evening. Am I a prude or what is happening to our generation? Ella is 4. V is 5. nail salon. She even “dressed” in nail saloon attire. What?

Apparently the Pippi Longstocking tshirt and a purse with a fuzzy jacket and funky pants qualified as such. Before leaving she politely asked for $20. I was like you’re 5. $20 is a bit steep for your age don’t you think?

She quickly told me she had to go and needed the money as she opened her purse for me to deposit.

Did I mention she is 5?

Love that girl as much as bar crazy she drives me. Oh yeah, she asked a chop up some carrots and broccoli into her Mac and Cheese as it needed healthy vegetables. Who is this woman? Btw, she rejected my dinner because apparently I didn’t make it taste like Chloe’s Mom does.

I demand my $20’s back!!!!!

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