Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dad Daughter Dynamics

As V is assimilating to her new life-changing role of Big Sister, I’m also seeing a transformation in her. It’s not necessarily a healthy or positive one so far.

She’s becoming much more needy and an emotional wreck. She was  always a crier but seems that any nonsense triggers an outburst of tears. You can’t blame her, poor baby has been used to being number one and is now faced with having to share in the limelight.

While she never really for the Daddy’s Little Girl memo, she’s becoming a bit more attention giving to dad. But it’s usually when she’s in distress for something that is completely baseless. Like today’s meltdown because I parked in the wrong stall not chosen by her. Or because she didn’t want her friend Sawyer to bring her popcorn but he did anyway.

I get it. I know why it’s happening so I blow it off and am as patient as can be. I listen, I empathize, and try to be as compassionate as possible as patience for such shenanigans are in short fuse with me.

I told V today was a special day. Her Mommy said yes to marrying me today 13 years ago. She seemed interested up until the time she said she needed me to take her to the bathroom. And there went my sharing of this awesome day with her.

Lucky in Love for sure!
Thanks bride, for saying “Claro Que Si!!!”

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