Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bullying Situation In Kinder

Never thought this would hit home.

Turns out a kid in Victoria’s class has been a total bully with kids in the class. Yesterday he pushed Sawyer against the fence for no reason. He harassed a little girl, and apparently asked my daughter to be his girlfriend at camp.

Stuff like this needs to be addressed immediately. So parents addressed it with the principal and a plan is in place. This happening during kinder is crazy.

Little lady is still congested fighting her first cold.

Took V to doctor as she continues complaining of tummy aches. Turns out all the antibiotics from her fever and ear ache unsettled her tummy.

Mari and Rosa came to meet Baby Luna and hang out with V. Very cool!

Well now to watch season 2 of Narcos while baby is asleep...

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