Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Sick House

So my poor Victoria continues on a roll.
Missed school today because she woke with a fever from her UTI. Poor baby not feeling well. She moped around all day not feeling herself.

We have her on antibiotics and are making her drowsy. Tonight her fever started again. Ugh.

Baby Luna senses Big Sister and has been fussy the entire day. She’s been attached to Momma all day and every time I take over she acts as if I’m going to drown her. Formula fail too as she threw it all up. Only momma milk is acceptable to her....

We tired tired tired....

Ended house drama with State of the Union and Pelosi ripping up Trump speech on national TV. These two are quite something. I’m sure it was payback for him not shaking her hand. Embarrassing for the country.

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