Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Vale’s 1st Pediatrician Appointment

You do things differently when you have a second child.

Don’t know why or what triggers it but practicality sets in. With V we didn’t mind going to Newport Beach but now we are shopping for exceptional pediatricians around the house.

So today was Valentina’s first and last visit to the pediatrician we’ve had for over five years.

Everything was fine with the little lady. The only issue we faced was a common one. Newborns lose weight at birth. She lost 8% of her birth weight on day 2 and 9% on day 3. She was born 21 inches long weighting in at 8 lbs 5.3.

Leaving the hospital she left weighing 7lbs 9.3 and today she weighed in at 7lbs 10.2. So she is definitely gaining weight back.

A big help was Karen, the lactation expert that coached Mommy on what Valentina was not doing. So we turned her from a biter to a sucker in no time.

She’s adjusting nicely but gotta say that changing 16 diapers on the daily is rough. It’s not for the faint of heart.

It seeing her precious face and listening to her constant googoos and gagas is just priceless.

Getting Victoria to focus on routines (homework - my least favorite evening ritual) is tough given the distraction of now being a Big Sister which I find totally cool.

Mommy slept better last night given little lady giving a better break than usual.

AND! Best part of today is that Christmas is finally and officially put away! What a drag! Love Xmas but it takes forever to put away. Especially since nobody in the household has any interest in partaking in such right of passage.

The meals keep coming which we are so thankful for. Well, Mommy is more thankful because otherwise she’s be on a McDonald’s regimen on the daily.

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