Friday, January 10, 2020

Valentina’s Big ONE Day Birthday

These last 24 hours have been rough.

Everything from the emotional roller coaster of seeing my second daughter born to having to relearn how to be a parent of a newborn. It’s no joke.

24 hours into it we are completely loopy. Not from drugs but from sleep deprivation and I totally know this is only the beginning.

Momma is recovering so I’m pinch hitching as much as possible. The support staff here at the hospital have been nothing short than spectacular.

We had our celebration meal tonight which is a nice thing the hospital does as a congratulations for the birth of a baby here. The parents get an amazing filet mignon steak dinner with all the fixings bedside. Very special. Only difference is we stood for ours as I was helping momma with breastfeeding support and feeding her ( mom not daughter ) as she nursed.

We’ve felt the love from y’all. Thank you for reaching out and even for visiting during our stay here at the hospital. Looks like we’ll be here a couple more days.

Valentina has lost some weight which is normal but Hera has been over 8% of her birth weight so they are closely monitoring and breastfeeding has been an utter ( sorry for pun) headache for Mom. Turns out the little one came strong and can bite like crazy instead of sucking. So just imagine the pain inflicted on Momma.

All the nurses say day 2 and 3 are the absolute worse and we can vouch for that. We’re looking for brighter days in the horizon!

Day 2. Check.

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