Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Ninos Are Coming The Ninos Are Coming

Special day today as V’s Ninos flew in from Colorado to spend time with V and help us out with her while be await the arrival of Baby #2 this Friday! Two full days left!

From Nino helping me build V’s Barbie Dream House this morning (a full time job) to whisking her away to the OC Winterfest extravaganza for the day was awesome.

We were able to do so many things. Like packing hospital bags to practicing the labor contraction exercises to just getting ready for the big day.

Pretty incredible to have such caring people like them in your life. People who choose to be in your life and take an active part in it. Thank God for friends who are family!

All in all our tribe is amazing and feel such a nurturing and caring flow of support from every single one of them. Thank You!

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