Thursday, January 30, 2020

Mac & Cheese Feelings

Be not mistaken, the lovin we’ve been getting with grubbin has not only been for the adults in Adobe Gallegos.

Today Big Sis Victoria for a Mac & Cheese delivered just for her with her favorite broccoli 🥦 mixed in. What 5 year old like broccoli!?!?!?! Mine of course.

So needless to say, she’s been eating that all day. And what did we have? Pupusas of course! Such a great food item! Highly recommend.

Today Little Sister finally gave us a breather to sit down and actually watch the million photos of Baby Luna’s birth. Wow. It’s amazing how your mind is foggy through such an experience. I honestly don’t recall many of those pics. So glad I’m a total freak about photography. Especially proud of our team. Just incredible.

It takes me to those precise moments and well, now that the adrenaline and giddiness and highs are behind us, it brings out the emotion.

Wife asked today if I cried during that noon to 1pm period when showtime happened. I honestly did not. I was so overwhelmed that I did not shed a tear. It was a surreal experience. I was on cloud 777 the entire time. It was just a total mindfreak on a moment you’ve wanted for so long and for it to be a reality. It’s just not digestible or comprehend-able. Just blessed is how I leave it.

Our relationship through the experience of parenthood has made it stronger. It has made me fall deeper in love with my wife on so many levels. It’s an unbreakable bond you have with your spouse. This is what it means when you want to grow old together. I’m so grateful I get to share my life with this woman. As with all relationships, the road here hasn’t been peaches and strawberries, but we’ve fought on with the foundation of mutual respect and commitment to each other to work through what is truly important and let go what is not.

Easier said than done, but relationships are work. Hard work. Don’t let anyone fool you when they say they are not.

We are living our best life. That makes me truly happy and fulfilled. Yes there are a lot of uncertainties as with anything, but the assurance that as a couple we are invincible is my engine that keeps puttering away. That feeling that you have a partner that is by your side and has your back unconditionally, well to me that is love.

For that I feel grateful and truly blessed. There is nothing more I ask of life but continued health to be able to continue sharing my life with those I love.

Oh about that Mac and Cheese....I guess it makes you write cheesy things...

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