Saturday, January 18, 2020

Kitchen Catches Fire

We’ve been so fortunate that friends have kept us well hydrated and fed during this crazy post partum period.

The love is felt all around but mostly through the stomach.

The Cappellis came today and took over the kitchen to make some incredible artisanal pizzas. They were delicious. Glad they made extras and left some in the fridge.

In the middle of the deliciousness though the oven caught fire. Lesson learned was that I have no idea where the fire extinguisher is. I thought it was upstairs but it turned out to be the emergency ladder.

We had a good laugh but in the middle of it I couldn’t even produce salt which apparently puts out grease fires.

Good lesson for safety preparedness.

MIL brought Beef Stew earlier and Christy brought ceviche too.

Gotta say I was most proud of the Chile Pasado with Nopalitos and eggs I did this morning as breakfast tacos!

Another neighbor dropped by too to bring a goody basket for us and not just Baby Luna. I scored a bottle of Mezcal!!!!! Yes!!!!!! We love our neighborhood!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We ended the night fittingly with a night nurse as we need some serious sleep! Night nurses rock!!!!

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